Biometric Technology: When we are the password

New technologies are growing constantly and they make our lives easier. Biometric technology uses methods and techniques to verify the identity of a person based on their physical characteristics.

Biometric technology analyses physical differences between people to distinguish one individual from another. However, not every physical trait can be used as a biometric measure, they have to fulfil certain criteria:

  • Universality: Every individual must have that specific physical trait.
  • Particularity: The physical trait must be sufficiently strong to distinguish some individuals from others.
  • Permanence: The physical trait must not vary over time.

If we compare biometric technology with other authentication systems such as cards, passwords or bracelets, it has a lot of advantages because it is more comfortable, you can not forget or lose something that you have on your body!

In addition, it has no maintenance costs and it is very difficult to falsify or supplant the biometric identity of a person. Nowadays, the biometric authentication systems that are commonly in use are:

  • Fingerprint: Reads the surface or sub-dermal layer of the skin analysing the ridge flow patterns and logging all points of interest. It has a security rate of 99.9%.
  • Authentication by vascular biometric: Reads the pattern of veins within a finger or an entire hand.
  • Facial recognition: Is a technology requiring stable ambient conditions such as the lighting in order to be reliable.
  • Iris scan: This is one of the most secure systems but remains a very expensive technology.
  • Voice recognition: The voice is a very particular characteristic, as it is different in each one of us.

Although its use is not very common yet, the application of biometric technology has strong commercial justification in many markets. It reduces system maintenance costs, streamlines the processes of entry and exit of people and it improves security.

In conclusion, it is clear that biometric technology is the future and that it is a reliable authentication system, robust, easy to use and above all, provides the highest levels of security.

At IdXtra we know how important it is to be aware of the latest technology and therefore we offer biometric technology in our products such as access control and visitor management systems.