Attendance Tracking Add-On for the NCC Group!

What an exciting time for the NCC! We had previously installed new ID card printers and ID design and printing software for the group, along with our “EventPOS” cashless catering system, and our visitor management solution “VisiTapp” at all campuses.  We also look after the middleware for pushing card records to the access control systems at all campuses (3 different systems).  We were therefore delighted to be asked to install our attendance tracking solution “Ad Hoc Registers”, which is a module of VisiTapp.

In the first instance the system is being used to monitor students’ extra-curricular sessions which are not timetabled in ProSolution, but form part of each learner’s Study Programme, so they need to be recorded. Previous methods consisted of pen and paper, Excel sheets and emails, but they were not consistent. This was leaving a gap in student journeys within the college group, leaving a potential loophole for students to disengage with their studies, or not complete them.

EventMarker consists of simple USB smart card readers plugged into teachers’ laptops.  For any ad hoc or non-timetabled session, the teacher simply creates the event on their laptop and gives it a description and room number.  The learners then simply tap in and their photo is shown on the laptop screen, and they are marked as PRESENT and if they arrive late they are marked as LATE. 

These marks are saved into the EventMarker database and can be reported on as required.  This system evidences all non-timetabled studies (that students are required to do) and provides management information which is invaluable to senior staff.

Thanks NCC Group, we hope you love your latest addition from idXtra!

To find out more about our systems, click on the below links!

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