City of Westminster College “tap in”!

The United Colleges Group already had our cashless catering system, EventPOS, and our visitor management system, VisiTapp, and we had installed new ID card printers and ID design and printing software for the group.

We were therefore delighted to be asked to install our attendance tracking solution, EventMarker, for City of Westminster College!

Primarily it was required for monitoring students’ self-study sessions, which are timetabled but not necessarily staffed by teachers, so no formal registers were being taken.

EventMarker consists of simple PoE smart card readers located in the appropriate places, so that learners can simply tap in and out of their self-study sessions. 

If learners arrive on time they are marked as PRESENT and if they arrive late they are marked as LATE. These marks are saved into the ProSolution MIS database under the relevant lessons. 

Teachers and administrators with the appropriate level of access may edit the marks, for example, if a student was late through no fault of their own.

Thanks City of Westminster College, we look forward to hearing how you get on with your new system!

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